Sunil Ilanthila here, an aspiring blogger from Bangalore, India, my birthplace is near Ilanthila in Mangalore, Karnataka, and I want to introduce myself to you (my official name is Sunil). With a degree certificate, I have completed courses. After my education, I started a printing press with my family members. It took a long time for the business to grow and that journey ended. After that, I joined the newly built press and learned DTP. In the year after I started as a graphic designer, I moved to the largest port city in India, Mangalore. (I trained in Photoshop and CorelDraw there.) CorelDraw is my favorite software for creating graphic design, and every designer should master it. Youtube helped me learn how to design a website without having to know a single line of coding (I used Incomedia’s Website X5). To design a website, you do not need to know how to code. In my opinion, WordPress is the best website because it is so simple to use, it is beginner-friendly, and is the best choice for non-techies. About 30% of blogs run on WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are other platforms that are similar to WordPress. Get an overview of the WordPress website creation process here.
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