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WPForms vs Wufoo Review which Contact forms best for free or pro for WordPress

Are you searching for contact forms or any type of form builder plugin for free or pro for your WordPress site?

Want to add a simple or rich contact form in your Contact or any other page?

Every WordPress site needs at least basic contact forms, but how to decide which plugin is best for choosing so, Just take look over plugins category and search Contact forms Popular form plugins have millions, of installs, you can see, WPForms is very popular and has a great rating (4.9-stars on over 4,142 total ratings) reviews and 2+ million active installations. You just install the plugin and do customize. On the other hand, Wufoo Shortcode Plugin is not the genuine one and the plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress also not drag and drops plugin like WPForm.

Wufoo from not providing a full-fledged WordPress plugin. so you are creating a contact-forms in their website and ad a custom HTML code to your WordPress website later this is big difference both WOForm and Wufoo

Contact forms
Contact forms

All The Features That The WPForm Contact forms Plugin Offers

  • A beginner-friendly drag and drop editor that makes in the WordPress dashboard.
  • Beautiful templates for basic or advanced form types to save your time.
  • Spam protection helps you keep your form submissions spam-free.
  • you can display different form fields depending on a visitor’s needs.
  • Option to view form submissions in your WordPress dashboard, as well as the option to receive email notifications.

WPForms also providing some more tools that let you create advanced forms like

  • Payment forms
  • Registration/login forms
  • Surveys/polls
  • Conversational Forms
  • Email opt-in forms
  • Guest post submission forms

Addition to unique form fields from WPForms

  • Checkboxes
  • GDPR Agreement
  • Date / Time
  • Rating
  • File Upload
  • Captcha
  • Likert Scale
  • Net Promoter Score
Contact forms

All The Features That The Wufoo Contact forms Plugin Offers

Powerful features. Easy to use.
Easily create custom online forms in minutes with Wufoo’s powerful features. Collect data and payments, and automate your workflows.

Wufoo’s powerful and intuitive features empower anyone to build beautiful contact-forms without writing a single line of code. Use or customize one of the ready-to-go themes, or design your own. Your form, your look! Add your organization’s logo and brand elements to your form. Wufoo is an online form builder that comes with a drag and drop interface. To add form fields to your forms, drag a form field from the list of choices to the form you’re creating.  But the thing is Wufoos contact form builder is a bit of outdated and not easy as much as WPForm, remember all their for the building is from their website only not from your WordPress dashboard this is a big drawback.

Some main features from Wufoo

  • Collect data, payments & files
  • Accept Payments
  • File Uploads
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Integrations
  • Workflows
  • Custom Reports
  • Data Export
  • 256-Bit SSL Encryption
  • Smart CAPTCHA
  • Data Fortress
Contact forms

Add a Wufoo Form in WordPress page

First, create an account in Wufoo website it’s providing both free and pro. create a form anything you want ad Standard Fields or Fancy Pants fields like Name, Address, Email, Phone, Price, Rating, File Upload, Date, Time, Website, Likert, DocuSign. After finishing the design. You need to add an HTML code to WordPress blog page, this is a bit tough to beginners. see image below

Contact forms
Contact forms

Support: WPForms vs Wufoo

Wufoo Support

Wufoo providing 2 types supporting formate which is
Going to help center and Using their contact form and choosing a topic that relates to your issue and Reading articles in the Help Center If you are facing technical issues, then you can go to help center and search related topic.

Contact forms

WPForm Support

WPForm providing two types of support system. If you are facing some basic issues then then your going to “I have a basic question” tab or you are facing some major issues that better to go to “I have a technical question” tab this online ticket system this one really good one because someone following you issue when you raise the ticket and WPForm technical team resolve your issues. WPForm hades a strong and friendly support team and also check their blog to learn tips and tricks for creating good looking WordPress forms. when someone submits the form Wufoo doesn’t deliver it properly, you are missing the emails. But in WPForm they have a better solution, which is to use the WP Mail SMPT plugin, also WPForm hade Blog & Resources that include documentation, reference materials, articles, and tutorials, with screenshots included. Now you decide which one is the best choice, My choice is WPForm. Remember WPForm provide Wide ranges in every field this is very important.

Contact forms

Price: Wufoo vs WPForms

Wufoo Price

Wufoo hade five different types of price plan its starting from Free of the coast, Then Starter, Professional, Advanced and Ultimate. price ranging from  $14 .08/mo to $183 .25. each plan has its own limitations you have to invest expensive in premium plans so it means Wufoo will charge you $0.05 USD for every entry you accept on your website over your plan’s limit. A free plan offering only create 5 forms and receive 100 entries. this is not the best suit for business persons. no money-back guarantee, today’s online business every service provider giving you a money back guarantee but in Wufoo’s terms of service, they are not offering you the money back guarantee. so your investment on Wufoo is depending on your luck

WPForm Price

WPForm offering you very low price plans. their plans starting from $39.50/ year which is a basic plan. high rang plan is $299.50/ year which is an elite plan. they offering you WPForms offers a 14-day 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee! but you are not to take trail account in WPForm so you are no to testing out. this one bit of frustrated but no problem their product very well valued to money. you are able to upgrade your plan one to another

Conclusion: WPForms vs Wufoo: Which one is Better?

Wufoo appears to be a user-friendly contact form builder, but in fact, it’s much difficult to use. their WordPress plugin is not full function like WPForm, you can create forms in WPForm by WordPress Dashboard. This is not possible in the name of Wufoo at all Wufoo pricing also very expensive comparing to WPForm. WPForm is very popular Contact Form creator worldwide, WPForm not only alternative to Wufoo, but it’s alternative also to Contact From7 and many other leading contact forms builders

This is a comparison of WPForms vs Wufoo, with WPForms the clear winner, Ultimately the winner is WPForm


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