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Free Blog Directories To Submit Your Blog for getting Traffic Websmartz

All of us want to get more traffic to blog, but how? 

Many ways to increase our WordPress blog traffic, regular posting, sharing on social media, bulk email. In this one more way to get more traffic and also improve traffic. Submitting your blog to blog directories will help you in multiple ways: 

This list was updated in 2017 to reflect this change. Many of the blog directories listed are still valid, however, we also suggest the following resources for bloggers looking to build effective link in today’s SEO world.

  • your blog will be exposed to a completely new audience in worldwide.
  • get Traffic from blog directories is highly targeted.
  • You will be generating a good number of backlinks to your blog. 
  • Get more share by others 

Gaining exposure to your blog is critical to building a following and revenue. After creating compelling copy, titles, descriptions and link strategies, it’s time to list your blog in one or more directories.

Verified Blog Directories to submit your blog:

  • Name of the blog:
  • URL of the blog:
  • Feed URL of the blog
  • Short description of the blog

List of Blog Directories

Blog Creating is a very easy thing, but getting traffic to blog is very tuff one.

So this is one of the best things to submitting the blog to various blog directories worldwide.

We the websmartz team mentioning many  directories above you can take a look at mentioning blog

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