How To Set Up Author Tracking On Your WordPress Site by MonsterInsights?

How To Set Up Author Tracking On Your WordPress Site by MonsterInsights?

Do you have a blog running by multi authors? If yes, you can use the author Tracking system on Your WordPress Site.

Can I track my blog authors inside the WordPress dashboard?

Yes, you can track your blog author’s performance inside the WordPress dashboard.

Does Google Analytics provide an author tracking system?

Google Analytics does not provide an author tracking system for you

MonsterInsights offers you such type service with their fully loaded WordPress plugin.  MonsterInsights is a user friendly tool you need to analyze data for your business in one place, so you can make smarter decisions. 

1. Setting Up Author Tracking System with MonsterInsights WordPress Plugin

First, you need to install and activate the MonsterInsights Pro plugin. If you have not, how to install a WordPress plugin? Read our article about WordPress plugin installation.

After installation and activation of MonsterInsights Pro, You should install and activation of addon dimensions.

We have a detailed article about how to install and setup the monsterInsights plugin in WordPress

In this article, Let’s discuss how to install and setup monsterInsights addon dimensions, Also how to set up Author Tracking in Google Analytics?

 Note: MonsterInsights addons are only compatible with MonsterInsights Pro. If you have MonsterInsights Lite installed, you will need to switch to using MonsterInsights Pro. 

Click Addons under insights, Now you will be able to see many add-ons. Click the install button under dimension then activate it.

Author Tracking On Your WordPress Site

Now click setting under insights. then click tracking at top of insights dashboard then you’ll need to visit Custom Dimensions in the left-hand menu.

Author Tracking On Your WordPress Site

Click on the Add new custom dimensions, in the drop-down select Author.

Author Tracking On Your WordPress Site

2. Login google analytics account for Author Tracking On Your WordPress Site

First, you need to login to google analytics account. Under the property tab, you will find custom definitions, click it, now you will see the custom dimensions.

Author Tracking On Your WordPress Site

Now, click on the New Custom Dimension button on the table. in the popup enter the name and leave other fields as its. Then click create

Author Tracking On Your WordPress Site
Author Tracking On Your WordPress Site

Now, look at the “INDEX” number. Enter this number under Custom Dimension ID in the Monsterinsights dashboard in WordPress.

Author Tracking On Your WordPress Site

3. The custom report in your Google Analytics account

Spread the customization button on side bare of Google Analytics. Then click the custom report. Here you add a custom report to track your website authors report properly

Click the new custom report.

Under Metric Group click add metric then type page views on the user’s section, select page views. Again click add metric and type bounce rate in the search box, and you will find it under the user’s section, add it.

Next, In the Dimension Drilldowns section, you’ll need to add Author. Click add dimension type author and add it, next click on the Save button.

monsterinsights google analytics

After click Save, your new Custom Report page has been loading.

monsterinsights google analytics

Add dimension on the insights dashboard. Monesterinsights allows you to add 9 dimension reports in their dashboard so you are free to add more dimension.

But careful about inserting Custom Dimension ID numbers. see the image below.

monsterinsights google analytics

If you want to see a custom report at a later time, That will be the custom report section under customization on the side menu bar. see the image below.

monsterinsights google analytics

Otherwise, if you desired to see Dimensions report inside the WordPress dashboard. Go on to report, under insights. then click Dimensions at the top of the Monsterinsights dashboard.

monsterinsights google analytics

In the above image, there is no much data because my blog is not a multi authors blog, If you have a multi authors blog you can be obtained data here

If you want to see a detailed report about a custom dimension report. In google analytics account go on to Behavior » Site Content » All Pages. now, here select any Primary Dimension (Ex: page, Page title).

In the secondary dimension, you will find custom dimensions, from the drop-down click anyone by Author, Post type or Category option, There you can be obtained all reports from the custom dimension.

monsterinsights google analytics

4. Benefits of Custom Dimension Reports

  • Which authors are creating the most-viewed content on your site
  • Which post types are getting the most traffic
  • Which categories are getting the most views

We hope this article helped you learn how to set up author tracking in WordPress with Google Analytics.


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