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How to Skyrocket Leads with New, Easy Mobile Exit-Intent on OptinMonster

Mobile traffic is the main resource for any kind of website today. Half of your website traffic is coming from mobile devices. For this reason, you better use OptinMonster WordPress plugin‘s mobile exit-intent technology

80% of people are using their smartphones to make a buy. It’s hard to stick your visitors around your online store.

There are many chances to leave your website. With press back button or close the current tab.

Mobile exit-intent technology (a pop-up intent) gives you even more chances to bring in more sales and subscribers from your site.

What is the Mobile exit intent technology

Mobile exit-intent technology was designed with mobile user behavior in mind. A lot of users scroll back up mobile pages as a gesture to bring down the address bar. Or, they simply go out with the tap on the back button.

Mobile visitors who start scrolling back up on your page are signaling that they’re not interested in the content on that page. This needs a great opportunity to give these visitors a reason to stick around.

OptinMonster gives you mobile exit-intent technology.

So in this article, we explain how set-up mobile exit-intent in OptinMonster easily.

Step 1 Install the OptinMonster WordPress plugin.

  1. Log into the admin of your WordPress site and navigate to the Plugins > Add New screen.
  2. Search for “OptinMonster” and select the Install Now button.
  3. Once installed activate it
mobile exit-intent
mobile exit-intent

Step 2. Connect your WordPress website to OptinMonster account

  1. Navigate to the OptinMonster plugin through the sidebar menu link in the WordPress admin.
  2. Next, if you already have an OptinMonster account select the Connect Your Account button.
mobile exit-intent

For these features, you should buy a pro plan from OptinMonster. See the prices in the above image. or click below button to see the price list in new tab

Connect Your Account button.

You will be asked to authorize the OptinMonster plugin with your OptinMonster account. Click the Authorize OptinMonster button to continue.

After Click the Authorize OptinMonster. Now you will be login to your OptinMonster account, Then clicks the Connect To WordPress button.

Once verified you’ll be returned to the Campaigns tab in the OptinMonster plugin screen where all campaigns associated with your site will be listed.

exit intent for mobile

Step 3. Set-up Exit-Intent for Mobile Devices

Scroll Up Trigger

Create new campaign or edit existing one.

After the creation of a new campaign now implements display rules for this particular campaign as an Exit Intent® Sensitivity of either Low or Medium.

This Mobile exit-intent triggered a mobile visitor who starts scrolling back up on your page or tries to leave your site with the go-back button.

If the visitor trying to leave your website, now the Mobile exit intent is triggered, In this pop-up give the visitor a great reason to stick around.

Back Button Trigger

If a mobile user clicks the back button. The reason is they are not engaged with your content, give them an enticing offer to encourage them to stick around and make a purchase.

Mobile exit-intent triggered by the back button is included with the scroll up a trigger when you choose High sensitivity.

Mobile Exit-Intent in Action

See below what the result looks like in action. You can see, when we scroll back up the page, the mobile exit offer triggers.

Final thoughts about this feature

OptinMonster plugin‘s this feature finds user’s behavior and giving them an offer to stick them with your content. Otherwise, they leave your site forever.

If you using exit-intent, You can definitely get more buyers or email subscribers easily.

This feature best fit for

  • Converting would-be abandoned carts
  • Growing your email list
  • Increasing revenue from affiliate marketing
  • Boosting sales
  • …and so much more

We think OptinMonster mobile exit-intent technology is really a game-changer, Easy to customize.

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