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Semrush Vs Similarweb: Benefits Of Semrush Over Similarweb

Are you confusing about selecting the right keyword research tool to do an SEO for your website? If so, this article Semrush vs Similarweb is for you. In this article, we will review the two leading SEO tool in the SEO industry on the planet

1. Overview of both Semrush and Similarweb

Semrush is a leading digital marketing analytics tool over the years. Its analytics platform doing so many things over digital marketing, such as SEO, Content Marketing, Competitor Research, PPC, Social Media marketing, advertise Analytics, and Local SEO.

If you have a small website no matter Semrush will show you the detailed data, because it has a big keyword database. Access to 20B keywords in 142 databases for different countries.

On the other hand, Similarweb is doing only doing the web analysis and app analysis.
If you are a blogger this is not enough. And also not enough for serious online entrepreneurs.

Similarweb does not take care of small websites, because of a bad data threshold, which means if your website gets less than 5,000 monthly visits, you won’t get website traffic insights in similarweb.

Semrush vs Similarweb: Benefits and the inevitability of Keyword Database

  1. 2. What is the benefit of keyword research to us?

    Any online business growth is depending on SEO. In SEO keywords is a big impact, that’s why keyword research is important to any type or sized website owner.

  2. 3. Benefit of keyword research on Semrush?

    Whether you are a small website owner and have not enough traffic to your website, no matter Semrush will show you the detailed metrics of the website. Because it has big keyword database than any other

Semrush have 20 billion keywords on their database. The benefits of Semrush keywords research are the blueprint for your online marketing efforts, If you don’t know which relevant keywords should lead to your site, you can’t drive traffic, sales, and an ROI.

If a small business website goes to Semrush and doing some keyword research they have got a huge amount of result on that particular keyword with suggestions like search volume, competition level, and cost per click and so

On the other hand, similarweb have not a big keyword database like Semrush. so, it clearly indicates, when you do keyword research on similarweb, it shows you have little or no data to analyze. Hence, similarweb does not announce their keyword database capacity. So, the Semrush keyword research tool gives you a great result than similaweb.

The backlink is also a big impact on SEO and gets a higher rank on search engines. Here in Semrush, you can analyze your website backlinks. Which website gives you the backlink to your sites.

And also, do understand the link attributes. Is your backlinks are followed or no-followed. You can do all these metrics on Semrush, This is a huge benefit on Semrush. But you can not get these types of detailed metrics on similarweb.

similarweb vs semrush

In addition, here in Semrush, you can view all backlink metrics under overview. Here in the overview, you can see all widgets of backlinks such as

5. Referring Domains,

Here you can see all linking domains to your domain. This means you can see the number of backlinks from a particular domain. In this chart, you can see both new linked domains and loosed domains. This action helps your link-building strategy.

Backlinks are the backbones of any site that get more organic traffic. It’s has performed a major part on any site’s ranking. Here in the backlinks tab, you can see all backlinks pointed to your website. Also, ist’s shows you the backlink types, is text type backlink or image type backlink.

These metrics help you to monitor your link-building efforts and track the growth. These metrics are very important for SEO.

You can get an accurate result of any website you are entered because Semrush is had an advanced backlink analyzer tool. This will help you to build the link strategies.

7. Categories of Referring Domains

This will helps you find the total backlinks a site has including the referring domains. This will helps you boost your overall site traffic. You can also do the backlink audit, link building tool, bulk analysis here in Semrush.

On the other hand similar web, not an advanced SEO analyzer, it’s not giving you these type detailed backlink metrics. This means they have not backlink analyzer toll on their platform.

Similarweb is a web measurement and competitive intelligence tool. With its analytics tools, you can track your website performance, keep an eye on developing opportunities, But it does not provide a backlink analyzer tool on its platform. But it closely monitors the progress of keywords and the share of traffic.

In this scenario, I personally think that SimilarWeb may not be the best value for money as it has limited features compared to Semrush.

With SimilarWeb, you can do competitor keyword analysis and also keyword research. But, you can do a backlink analytics here in similarweb.

9. Google SERP results

Another main aspect of SEO is Google SERP (Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) are the pages displayed by search engines in response to a query by a user). Semrush has 142 databases on this. But Similarweb does not have a service on this, They have not any database on this. The SERPs determine how your site appears on Google’s first page.

Semrush vs Similarweb: comparison of Traffic Analysis

10. Databases comparisons and benefits of both Semrush and Similarweb

Semrush traffic analytics give you full access to traffic stats from 190 countries. also, with the ability to filter by location without any additional subscription cost.

On the other hand, similarweb also have the traffic analytics toll across the world, but you need to pay an additional cost to different regional base.

This clearly indicates Semrush worth than way ahead of similarweb itself.

11. Data by device type comparisons and benefits of both Semrush and similarweb

You can analyze your website traffic for both desktop and mobile are comes with the same subscription on Semrush. But Similarweb charges you additional cost for mobile traffic analysis. Here you can understand which traffic analyzer best fits you.

12. Bulk Traffic analysis in both Semrush and Similarweb

Semrush has the ability of bulk traffic analysis. You can analyze the 200 individual domains at a time. You can get the metrics of each domain. By this, you can see these measures such as

  • visits
  • unique visitors
  • pages/visit
  • avg. visit duration
  • bounce rate

Running a Bulk Analysis can be greatly beneficial to your marketing plan for a number of reasons

Running a bulk analysis is really a great benefit to find new opportunities in certain areas in online business. This will use full-on Affiliate Partnership Management, Content Creation and PR, Link Building and media outreach, and Sales.

But, on the other hand, similarweb does not have this type of feature on their platform. So, this clearly indicates how accurate is Semrush data? Also, this is another example of why Semrush accurate in the SEO industry.

13. Content Marketing Analytics

If you are a freelancer, blog writer, or agency of content marketing Semrush is a perfect tool for you. In Semrush you can do Topic research, Content audit, Personalized recommendations: keyword suggestions, text length, tone

If you are running a WordPress blog Semrush gives you a free SEO Writing Assistant plugin. With this plugin, you can write SEO-friendly content. This one is useful Semrush features.

These all things keep Semrush way ahead of similarweb. Similarweb does not have these types of features at all.

14. Social Media analytics Semrush vs Similarweb

In Semrush features, social media analytics is another useful tool. You cant see this feature on similarweb. Semrush social media analytics tool includes 5 social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Google my Business.

You can auto-posting to the social media networks mentioned above, this action saves your time. Also, it allowed you to cross-platform analyzing simultaneously. In addition, it’s included Competitive analysis, Create, launch, and manage Social media advertising on Facebook. Here you can also clearly understand who is the best on Semrush vs Similarweb.

15. Semrush Vs Similarweb: Software Integrations

Semrush has automation workflow features. That allows plenty of third-party software to integrate. such as

  • Google tools:
  • Google Analytics, Google
  • Search Console, Google My
  • Business, Google Ads
  • Social media:
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
  • LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My
  • Business, YouTube
  • Text editors:
  • WordPress, Google Docs
  • Other:
  • Majestic, Trello, Zapier

These are softwears you have to integrate. These integrations make easy you work. But, on the other hand similarweb have only one softwear to integrate. You can connect the Smilarweb to only google analytics, to view your site data on similarweb account.

16. API (Application Programming Interface) in both Similarweb vs Semrush


This is a method of gathering raw data from Semrush without using the standard website interface. By API you can collect vast sets of data efficiently. By using API, you can integrate Semrush data into your dashboards and other software.

Semrush has an independent traffic analysis API, this will available on interface subscription. So, you don’t have to buy traffic analytics. Also, data is arranged in a user-friendly manner than similarweb.

Semrush has these types of API packages, such as

  • traffic
  • organic/paid results
  • competitors
  • top domains
  • backlinks
  • position tracking
  • technical health
  • keyword research


Here in Similarweb API package including these types of API such as

  • traffic
  • organic/paid results
  • competitors
  • top domains
  • demographics

Verdict: After comparing both similarweb and Semrush API integrations, we are getting a clear picture that Semrush has way ahead of Similarweb itself.

17. Similarweb vs Semrush: Pricing comparison


Semrush disclosed pricing on their website with accurate features to every plan. You can choose which plan is best for your project with your resources without consulting the Semrush team.

Semrush basic plan is Pro$119.95per month if you billed monthly. If you billed annually it will start from $99.95per month.

In addition, you can try their pro or guru plan for 7 days. All Semrush plans include 40+ advanced tools and features. You can buy a subscription monthly or annually.

We recommend the Semrush SEO tool is really delivered good value to your money. It’s worth buying. Click here to see their pricing list


On the other hand, similarweb has a free plan on their pricing list. The free plan gives you access to some features below.

  • 5 Results Per Metric
  • 1 Month of Mobile App Data
  • 3 Months of Web Traffic Data

Then, if you want to upgrade the plan to an enterprise level. which will available by contacting them by chat or call. They do not come with accurate price plans. So, this is slightly assuming that similarweb only for advanced users like SEO guru, technically well-emerged peoples.

18. Final thoughts (Verdict)

If you are looking for a better SEO tool to improve your online visibility and take maximum advantage of your money and time investments, So, it good to go and subscribe Semrush. This way, you will get more for less.

On the other hand, similarweb may not a good investment to get the best value for your hard-earned money. It has fewer features and benefits than Semrush.

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