Creat a Contact form with WordPress

Simple Easy Contact Form with Formidable Forms

Are you want to create a contact form in WordPress Website. This article helps you easily create a contact form with Formidable Forms. Formidable Forms is yet another famous WordPress contact form plugin over the year.

This plugin has a beginner-friendly interface. Had many features like

We compared some famous WordPress contact form plugins

In this article, I explain how creat a contact form with Formidable Forms. easily with screenshots

First off all you need a WordPress Website. If not read here, Buy a hosting plane and how to install WordPress

After installing the WordPress you must install Formidable Forms pro. (Read: how to install Plugins) for this need to buy one of their packages.

For getting benefits of the pro package. One Important thing is you must install both Formidable Forms and Formidable Forms Pro. This is mandatory. Both plugins are in your purchasing package.

Now start to learn how to create a contact form in WordPress with Formidable Forms easily

Go to the menu bar on the left side of your computer. See image below.

create a contact form in wordpress

Click blue color +Add New button. Now you see the Formidable Forms form builder dashboard. Select one of pre-built forms templet for customization or click the blank form for creating your own. Now you will see a popup for entering form name and description

After click creat button page redirects to Formidable forms dashboard. Now you can be added fields anything you want in related to your blog niche.

Just drag the fields to the editor and customize the fields to make it Required fields in the field options tab. Add an email field from add fields area.

Normally a contact form includes only Name (If you want to add first name second name) Email address. If you want any additional fields like website, phone number, etc.

If you need any change in your form like General, Actions & Notifications, Styling & Buttons, Customize HTML. you can make it in the settings tab.

After submission of your form, if desired to show any customized message. Add a custom message at the down of setting tab.

After submission what message you want to show. You want to show any custom message. Add a custom message at the bellow of setting tab.

Or wants to go any specific page (URL) select it on “ON SUBMIT” tab in the settings area.

Finally, implement your brand new contact form to a page.

Create a new page or post. Add a block and search formidable forms or scroll down to the widget area. Click formidable widget it will place automatically. You will see your new contact form. Select the form in the dropdown. And publish it.

Now you will see your form live.


Their pricing plan starting from $49 /year, which is reasonable, not expensive. If you did not satisfied with their product you can be withdrawn your hard-earned money with no obligation. The money-back scheme is involved with 100% No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee within the next 14 days.

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