Create Digitally signed WordPress Forms with WPForms

Create Digitally signed WordPress Forms with WPForms

Create Digitally signed WordPress Form

Imagine, you own a WordPress website. It is service-oriented. You are summarizing your service on a page or post. After full content, you have also implemented an agreement form for users who want to get your service online.

You have added all the fields you want but you think something is missing. Yes, this is not complete without the user’s signature. Without signature any agreement not completed.

In the old days, business owners were collecting signatures by fax or email. But now business owners have no trouble collecting user signatures.

Yes, WPForms allows you to create a contact form by adding a signature field. Your service agreement is now in full swing after adding the signature field. Users can sign in this field.

Bellow Digitally signed WordPress Form field image

Digitally signed WordPress Form

Image credit WPForms

In this article, I briefly explain to you, how to create

First, you need to install WPForms pro plugins. (Read here how to install plugins). Then you will also install their Signature Addon. After activating of WPForms pro you will be able to see the Signature Addon simply activate it

Digitally signed WordPress Form

Image credit WPForms

After installing and activate both plugins, now you will be able to create forms including signature

First, you need to know create contract form. Read here how to create contact form by WPForm plugin.

After Signature addon activated on your website, you will be found Signature field option automatically infancy field of WPForms dashboard. To access this field you can create a new form or edit an existing one.

I will show you how to add a signature field to a new form. The signature field you will just drag to form content area

Digitally signed WordPress Form

After publish of your form in a new page or post. The user can able to sign by their mouse or by finger on their touchable device. If not signed properly click the close button right side. Then sign again and submit it.

Digitally signed WordPress Form

You will see the

Now you can view the form in detail. Click view in the action tab. After you print it or export it in CSV format.

That’s all now you are able to collect signatures within your forms.

If you need any help. I am ready to assist you. Please go down to the comments, and let me know what you think.


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