Survey Plugins for WordPress

Best WordPress Survey Plugins-2020

Survey Plugins for WordPress

Today many websites add a survey form for collecting website visitors feedback of your products or service. WordPress allowing you to create Surveys by installing plugins. There are a lot of survey plugins for WordPress out there on the internet.

You are thinking about, how the visitors or customer feel about your service or products. But no idea how to get feedback from them.

There are so many ways to collect users feedback on your website. Which by contact form, create polls, and more. If you stick to Survey option this article for you. This is really a good way because you can collect information as you want. With your customized questions.

We focused only Survey Plugins for WordPress in this article

One best survey plugin always a user-friendly beginner-friendly, looking great, easy to use. You can store user-entered data with export options, you can export it to to your local machine. You can also share it with your social network. You want to all these features on your website then you need to install the proper plugin.

Let’s start to take look over some of the best WordPress survey plugins in the industry

1. WPForms

Survey Plugins for WordPress

WPForms one of the best contact form builder in the internet industry. It also hades survey add one. You are creating contact forms, survey forms, donation forms for receiving donations.

Its an addon first need to install WPForms plugin then you add WPForms-surveys-polls- addons after activation both plugin you are able to create survey and polls

All these you can create inside the WordPress dashboard. You can add custom fields like phone numbers, address, text fields, dropdown fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, ratings (start, heart, thumbs up), etc. All those things are drag-drop features no need to know coding language.

You can see Survey Results inside WordPress dashboard and print it or download it in excel format. Save in JPG or PDF format

WPForms pricing start by $39.50/ year this is reasonable.

If you don’t like WPForms over the next 14 days, they refund your hard earning money back

2. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is another very good WordPress contact form plugin. You can create any type of forms easily. Create forms by drag-drop features. This plugin also gives you built-in form fields like Likert scales, checkbox fields, radio buttons, dropdowns, and more. You can edit their free made Tons of Form Templates.

Formidable Forms is great at providing options to show the survey results in charts and graphs. You can easily create eye-catching graphs, tables, histograms, pie charts, etc. and embed them on your pages and posts. This makes it really easy to share your survey reports with your site audience.

This form builder plugin hade options to show your survey results in charts and graphics format. Create easily attractive graphs, tables, histograms, pie charts. and put it into your page or post anywhere you want. Share your reports with your clients or site visitors.

Formidable Forms pricing start by $99 /year this is expensive comparing to WPForms

They offering you risk-Free for 14 days money back guaranty.

3. Crowd signal

Crowd signal is only a poll and survey plugin. You can’t create any other forms like the above mentions plugins.

One good thing is this plugin available for free to pro. But you will need to create a WordPress account to get the API key. Their free version does not give you full features and also there will be their logo in survey and poll form.

Polldaddy is easy to use with a drag and drop tool to create your survey and polls. You can change survey sharing settings, results sharing, and styling options for each survey you create. It also includes a captcha to block spam and some basic IP filtering to prevent multiple responses.

This plugin also hades a drag and drop interface, but a bit of confusion. looking not great Like as WPForms plugin. The design does not catch the eye.

This plugin pricing plan starts with free but very limited. They provide 30-days money-back guarantee in their pro plan.

4. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms

Ninja forms hade built-in Template you can edit it in your blog niche. They also hade a drag and drop interface.

Using the multi-page forms features. You can create a survey on the first page then ask questions on the second page. But there is no reporting and data presentation.

Create forms in WordPress dashboard. Add any fields you want. After publishing the form add it any page or post just like WPForms

With the introduction of Gutenberg, you now have the ability to add a form to your Page or Post using a Ninja Forms Block.

While editing the page or post, click the “Add Ninja Forms” button on an empty block.

Ninja forms are a very expensive one. Pricing starts with $ 99 /year. they provide a 14-days money-back guarantee in their pricing plan.

5. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms on of advanced contact form builder. This plugin hade bundle of add-ons with survey and poll features.

Create any type of forms you want with drag and drop interface, but a bit of confused not easy like Ninja Forms and WPForms.

Gravity Forms provide survey results only inside the admin area. also, there are no charts/graphs features. Export survey results to your computer in CSV format

Note: You can purchase at least the Elite plan to access the survey addon.

6. Survey Funnel

Survey Funnel

Survey Funnel is easy to use WordPress survey plugin. It is an all in one toolkit designed for increasing your conversion rates by using the survey method. It allows you to generate high quality leads by engaging visitors with simple surveys. It helps you to find out the purpose for which your visitors visit your site. Based on that you can create relevant opt-in offers. The plugin allows you to create surveys with unlimited questions. 

Survey Funnel comes with a responsive design. It works well across all devices. You can display survey forms on a single page or multiple pages. Questions can be ordered based on conditional logic. 

The plugin lets you generate a detailed report on survey data. You can trigger on exit or link click. It works well with any WordPress theme.


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