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Flywheel Growth Suite: 5 Things All you Need to Know

Flywheel Growth Suite, Manage your agency in one platform of Flywheel growing agency

If you are a freelancer or an agency, this article about flywheel growing agency article is for you. First of all, I would like to say the flywheel growth suite is combines client and site management, billing software, and managed WordPress hosting. You can manage all these things in one dashboard.

I explain this you to with an example of this. If you have many websites run by WordPress, and unable to manage them properly, for billing, client management, sending invoices to clients all these things are hard to manage. If you are thinking about how to solve these problems, and you wish to get all these things under one roof, so, the flywheel growing agency is the best solution to your web development business.

With this growing agency, you can manage all your WordPress websites, clients, client reports, and billing, under one platform. Flywheel growth suite is built for especially freelancers, and agencies. You can manage all your clients by one login

By this, you can view all your clients, client’s WordPress websites, client’s billings in one view. No need to create too many accounts.

Main Benefits of flywheel growth suite

Add unlimited clients: If you have more clients on different kinds of business, you can add them here in the growth suite, even if their sites aren’t hosted on Flywheel!. Please keep in mind that the growth suite is not just for flywheel hosting customers!

Create unlimited invoices: You can create and send unlimited invoices to your clients for various types of services you have given.

Add managed WordPress sites: The growth suite allows you to add WordPress websites. But the limitation of adding sites is depending on the subscription you have bought from the flywheel

1. With the flywheel growth suite, you can get benefits in these areas.

 Client billing and invoicing

Create client billing and invoice simply

  • Bill your clients buy their own currency: If you have clients worldwide this is the best fit for you. Your clients can able to pay bills in their own country currency, and give a discount
  • Shedule the invoice: You can send the invoice on a sheduled date, and also add a invoice notes.
  • Recurring and one-time invoicing: By growth suite you can invoicing the clients for for one-time and recurring services

2. Manage all your WordPress website in one platform:

This best fit for agencies. They can manage all their client’s websites on one platform. If you are an agency you can add more websites on the same platform. Managing the number of WordPress sites really a challenge, so maintaining the information about all sites traffic, storage, plugin, and theme information, it’s hard to keep on your mind. So, you can manage all these things on flywheel bulk site management.

flywheel growth suite

3. Recurring agency-branded reports:

This is best to create and grow your agency by creating a brand report. Send reports to clients with your agency name, logo, and color, etc. This is best for creating personalized appearing. This one is really helping clients feels that they are working with a big brand, and also it helps them feel safe. So, this helps you establish a professional (and customized) relationship with clients.

flywheel growth suite
  • Create reports with powerfull data: With data report you can include the following metrics such as WordPress updates (WP Core updates, theme updates, and plugin updates), Backups, Security, Site Optimization 
  • Google Analytics stats: With this Google Analytics stats you can provide these metrics on report sucah as Users, Sessions, Average time on site, Bounce rate, Conversion rate, Top goals, Traffic Sources, Devices, Page visits. You can send the report directly to clients or send it in PDF format to clients.

Take a look over this video tutorial how to create client reports

  • Get Speed, Security, and Support: flywheel growth suit give you the trusted managed WordPress hosting platform. by this you can get speed, security and support from flywheel.
  • Add different apps and software can become a lot to manage: If you have many WordPress websites to manage, it’s hard to manage, for this you must use different types of expensive apps and software. But here in the flywheel growth suite, you can maintain these things with few clicks inside one dashboard.
Flywheel growing agency
Flywheel growing agency

4. Resell managed WordPress hosting

Growth suite allows you to resell their managed WordPress hosting package. If you want to add any new service, you can simply add a new feature (example: Basic Hosting, Consulting Fee, Design, etc.) This will help you to grow your business to the next level. You can include flywheels service in your monthly maintenance package.

Using Growth Suite you can get benefit from blazing fast site speeds, super-secure infrastructure, and 24/7 support. Fast flooding websites always best for SEO. These things up your agency or freelance business so you can concentrate on your business by searching the new clients with confidence and take your growth to the next level!

5. Secure Payment

Flywheel sends emails to your clients with your brand. With by flywheel growth suite you can collect payment securely, growth suit has a stripe payment gateway for secured payment to get from your clients. By growth suite, you can create a client’s individual profile, because every client is unique. So, clients can do their payments on their own portal. By this client portal, clients can edit their contact information, and make payments to you.

Growth Suite Price Plans

Growth suite all plans built for growing your business. If your clients aren’t hosted their website on the flywheel, don’t worry, you can add them to your client area, and which allows you an add unlimited of clients. Which has three types of plans, such as Freelance, Agency, and customer. The freelance plan starts with $135/MO, you can host 10 websites in this plan. The agency plan starts with $330/MO, you can host 30 websites in this plan. Both plans offering you a 2-month free subscription, if you pay annually. In a custom plan, you have to contact them to a customized the plan

Conclusions of flywheel growth suite

When viewing the overall structure of the flywheel growth suite, can be estimated it is built especially for agencies and freelancers. This is an all-in-one solution for the site and client management, and also a billing software. This is really helpful for those who are not skilled, and unable to invest thousands of dollars for too many management software in business management.

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