Best Survey Software 2021

Best Survey Software to Create an online Survey 2021

Have you ever been asked to participate in an online survey? If so, then you may be interested in how to create these types of online surveys. You can create surveys using online software and tools. Here in this article, we will review the best survey software to create new surveys with ease.

Why are surveys and polls important? 

You can gather valuable information through surveys. You can use surveys to gather user feedback to improve your business.

What are the benefits of surveys and polls? 

With surveys and polls, you can get email IDs and phone numbers to send them offers related to your business. This will help you to grow your business. 

What is the difference between feedback and a survey? 

Feedback is typically used for the overall website experience asked with site visitors or users. But with the survey, you can involve site visitors more than feedback. Surveys are more engaging, fun. The survey helps visitors feel that they are engaged with humans.

Video Tutorial of the best survey software

Chose the best survey software

To create online surveys and polls, WPForms is the best survey software. You can easily create and publish surveys with this best survey tool without any limitations.   

WPForms is recognized as the best contact form builder WordPress plugin on the internet. With this plugin, you can build any type of online form, such as

  • Contact Forms
  • Payment Forms
  • Survey Forms
  • Newsletter Forms
  • Registration Forms and more

With WPForms best survey software you can get the following feature

  • Easily create surveys with WPForms drag and drop form builder
  • Ratings, Likert scales, and more smart survey fields
  • Based on input from the user, customize survey fields
  • Detailed survey reports with graphs, tables, and bars
  • Survey graphs can be exported as JPEGs, PDFs, or printed
  • Using the CSV format to export of survey results

Create your first survey and poll with best survey software

WPForms is a free WordPress contact form plugin; to create a survey with WPForms you must have a pro license, which starts at $199.50/year, normally 399.00, but it gives you a 50% off.

Not only, if you were not satisfied with the WPForms WordPress plugin, but they also would give you 14 days money-back guarantee! They will refund you 100% without asking anything of you. 

After purchasing the Pro plan, now you can create a survey with WPForms. First, install the purchased WPForms Pro plugin to your existing WordPress website. If you want to know how to install a WordPress plugin, read our article about how to install a WordPress plugin

After successful installation, promptly enters the license code, under general on the settings page. 

best survey software

After entering the license code, now you will be eligible to install the survey and poll addon. You can found this addon under WPForms on the sidebar of your WordPress dashboard.

WPForms » Addons The Surveys and Polls addon can be found at the bottom of the page. Here, click on the install button under Surveys and Polls Addon upon installation, click activate to start using this addon.

best survey software

You are now ready to create a survey form on your WordPress website with the best survey tool online. To create a survey form visit WPForms » Add New page to create a new form. This will take you to the WPForms drag and drop form builder interface.

See the image below for a better understanding.

The survey form will automatically load after clicking it, and it will have some fields. Basic fields like name, email, and star rating filed, and so. The automatically loaded survey form will be looks like the image below.

Here you can customize the form as you want. Mouseover on any fields will show you the editing option here you can edit the field, rearrange the field by drag and drop, add can the new field from the left column.

The left column contains fields like drop-downs, radio buttons, checkboxes, Likert scales, text inputs, rating scales, and many more. You can use these fields to build highly interactive survey forms.

After creating the survey form, place it on your WordPress website’s pages, posts, or sidebar. Read our article on how to add a form to a post for more.

How to view the survey form result?

You can view your survey results by visiting WPForms » All Forms, there you see all your forms, mouse over any one of form then you see the options under form

WPForms displays survey results in stunning charts and graphs after a user submits a survey. In addition, you can print your survey results and export them so you can use them in your favorite spreadsheet program.  


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