Formidable Forms calculator plugin

How To Create Custom Calculators in WordPress with easy steps

Do you have a WordPress website or a WordPress E-Store? And want to add a WordPress custom calculator to your online store. This article for you.

Formidable Forms Plugin gives you such type of feature.

1. Install the Formidable Forms Pro plugin

You need to install the Formidable Forms Pro plugin. Read our article about how to install and activate the WordPress plugin. And read create a form with Formidable Forms.

After installation and activation of Formidable Forms Plugin. Create new form any type your requirements. With Formidable, you can build forms with powerful calculations. You can add a calculator to a contact form or any other type of form.

Your clients could simply fill in all the information they need to a form and get a free instant quote with this custom calculator.

In this article, I briefly explain how to create a custom calculator with images.

2. Create a new form or edit an existing one.

Add a text field to the builder area and rename it any you want. I rename it as Price and Quantity

After that add # Number field to the builder. Rename it as total. See the image below for reference.

wordpress custom calculator plugin
wordpress custom calculator plugin

Now add some crucial things. Select number field and expand the Advanced tab under Field options. Enable the calculator icon and click the three blue dots. Enter the number of decimal places for your total.

wordpress custom calculator plugin

I think you are crazy about how it sums up a given number. Yes this crucial stage of creating a calculator in WordPress form

3. Customize the Fields

Click number field, enable Read-Only checkbox. Expand three blue dots under the calculator icon. Now you will see Price Quantity and number under Field List. Click Price and Quantity under Field List. Both filed id numbers added to Default Value place (In my case it will [19][20]) but you should add a symbol manually between [19]+[20] or +,*,- anyone you want.

If you add + (Plus) symbol both field’s values are summed itself If add * (Multiplication) Symbol fields values are multiplied automatically.

Formidable Forms calculator plugin

See WordPress custom calculator plugin examples in action here


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