How to Quickly Export WordPress Analytics with Google Analytics

This is an imagination If one of your clients wants to view their website performance, I mean, to export or share the google analytics data from google analytics or from your WordPress website dashboard.

Yes, this article is about the export of google analytics data to your computer or about sharing the google analytics data with others.

What step you have to take. But they want to see their site performance on a monthly basis or any other time restriction.

No worry, you can share their site performance report in PDF format. This is one best way to build a good relationship with clients, customers, team members, and potential business partners.

So, you can share the google analytics data with them without allowing them to your google analytics account.

So, in this article, we will explain in detail how to share or export google analytics data with others without allowing anyone to your google analytics account.

Also, if you are an agency, you can build a brand by doing this. Sharing data with others is best for a partnership with other companies.

Monsterinsights already sending you a performance report weakly to your inbox in plain text format. But you can give a more professional touch to this performance report, by doing some changes on monsterinsights setting tab.

Not only this, If you have already installed the monsterinsights google analytics plugin to your WordPress website if so, you will definitely get a weekly performance report to your inbox.

This MonsterInsights summary came to my email inbox. So, you can customize this MonsterInsights summary with your brand logo, and send it to your clients.

export google analytics data

After customization, you can see the MonsterInsights summary just like in the image below.

export google analytics data

Setup of Share Google Analytics Reports

Take some simple steps to make this setup. First, Install the MonsterInsights WordPress plugin. After install and activate the plugin, now go to Insights » Settings » Advanced. Now scroll to Email Summaries.

export google analytics data

After navigation to Insights » Settings » Advanced. Here you can do change some changes to settings.

Enable the Email Summaries

After enabling email summaries enter email IDs, this will allow you to add five email ids.

Permission Setting to View Google Analytics Reports

export google analytics data

For sharing reports with others, you will enough to just enter the email IDs, not required to take any additional steps.

But make sure is your WordPress website mail SMTP working properly. If your mail SMTP not working properly, you must fix it first.

If your WordPress website run by multi authors, this setting is useful for you.

Allow These User Roles To See Reports

In these settings, you can give permission to who can view Google Analytics reports and who can’t, by selecting user roles.

Allow These User Roles To Save Settings

In addition, You can also control who can save settings in Analytics and who can’t.

Exclude These User Roles From Tracking

In this tab, you can exclude some users to view the analytics from the WordPress dashboard.

Export Your Google Analytics Reports as PDFs

You can easily export google analytics data in PDF format. To find this option, go to  Insights » Reports

export google analytics data

Now click on “Export PDF Report” now the download process will start automatically.

export google analytics data
download PDF

More importantly, to perform all these things there is no need to make any additional setting on your google analytics account at all. Keep it remain as it is.

Take advantage of this plugin

Share Google Analytics Reports in Other File Formats

Nevertheless, if you want to share a report other than PDF file format. Then you should go to your google analytics account.

Here you can share reports by PDF, Google Sheet, Excel (XLSX), or CSV. Google allows downloading the report in all of this file format.

Now see the process, after login into your google analytics account, navigate to the Audience tab, click on Overview. Now you see the Audience Overview on the right side of your window.

google analytics audience overview

In addition, on the top right side of the audience overview, you can see the “SAVE EXPORT SHARE” options

If you want to share the report with others, click on the share option, on the popup enter the email id of clients, select a file format (PDF, Excell, CSV). In addition, if you want to send the report at a certain time, then select one of the options from “Frequency”

Furthermore, if you decide to make this option active for only a certain time, on the advance tab select month from the drop-down. then enter your message then hit send button.

Now the audience overview is sent to email id you have entered.

google analytics audience overview

Export the Report to your Computer

If you want to download the report to your computer, then click on the export button, select the file format from the drop-down, now the file download process will be starting automatically.

export formt

That’s all, now you have completed the setup of share the google analytics report with others such as clients, team members from the WordPress dashboard.

In addition, We hope this article helped you to learn how to share or download your Google Analytics reports with others from your google analytics account.

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