How to create polls in WordPress (Step by Step)

How to create polls in WordPress (Step by Step Guide)

Do you plan to add a poll to your WordPress website? If so here we ready to assist you on this. Before, we explain to you how to create polls on the WordPress website.

In this WordPress poll creation setup, you can create image polls, question-answer poll, Yes/No poll. also. Before to start, come to let’s know about the plugin.

Formidable forms are famous for contact form builder it has a drag and drop interface. Building complex forms in an easy way.

The main thing is by formidable forms, you can use this plugin to create a contact form and many other types of form. Otherwise, for creating online WordPress polls, you can buy some other dedicated WordPress poll plugins out there, but every site needs a drag and drop form builder! Why double-up on extra plugins?

By this WordPress plugin, you can create any type of form, such as car loan forms, calculator forms, feedback forms, survey forms, and more.

It also provides pre-built templates, by this, you can build forms Instantly.

Main features of Formidable forms.

  • Display Form Data with Views
  • Drag and Drop Form Builder
  • Repeater Fields
  • User Submitted Posts & Pages
  • Multi-Page Forms with Progress Bar
  • WordPress Front End Editor
  • Reports, Graph, and Charts
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Cascading Lookup Fields
  • Online Calculator Forms
  • Smart Forms with Conditional Logic
  • Save and Continue
  • Customize Form HTML
  • Multiple File Upload Forms
  • ECommerce Pricing Fields
  • Summary (Review Before Submit)
  • Confirm Email Address and Password
  • Email Autoresponders & Notifications
  • Flexible Form Layout Design
  • Mobile-Friendly, Responsive WordPress Forms
  • Form Templates for Instant Form Building
  • Visual Form Styler
  • Import & Export
  • White Label Form Builder
  • Simple Entry Management
  • WCAG Accessible Forms + A11Y Compliance
  • Schedule Forms & Limit Responses
  • WordPress Math Forms
  • Fill Out Forms Automatically
  • Stripe Payments Add-on
  • PayPal Add-On
  • MailChimp Add-On
  • User Registration Add-On
  • Digital Signature Add-On
  • Bootstrap Form Styling Add-On
  • Zapier Add-On
  • API Webhooks Add-On
  • Date picker Options Add-On
  • Bootstrap Modal Add-On
  • RTL (Right-to-Left) Text Support
  • User Tracking Add-On
  • Form Action Automation Add-On
  • WPML Multilingual Add-On
  • Polylang Multilingual Add-On
  • Twilio SMS Notifications Add-On
  • WooCommerce Add-On
  • Quiz Maker Add-On
  • Table View to CSV Converter Add-On
  • Add-On
  • MailPoet Newsletters Add-On
  • Constant Contact Add-On
  • Campaign Monitor Add-On
  • HubSpot Add-On
  • ActiveCampaign Add-On
  • Salesforce Add-On
  • GetResponse Add-On
  • Cascading Locations Add-On
  • Logging Add-On
  • AWeber Add-On
  • Highrise CRM Add-On

In addition, you can build any type of online form by taking advantage of the above features.

Form builder area features

Formidable forms form builder area is beginner-friendly, You can create forms easily if you are a beginner or an experienced once.

Select any field and drag into builder then click on it now you can see the field options on the left side of the builder, there you customize the filed options as you want, then save it. Don’t worry it will guide you through.

how to create polls in wordpress

Add some basic fields such name, email address and if you want to get more information about the visitors, then, add more fields as you want.

In addition, for name fields, you can use the “Text” field. For collecting the email add the email field to the builder area. Then, if you want to add more fields such as phone, website?URL, so add that those fields to builder area.

how to create polls in WordPress Website

The first thing to do is to install Formidable Forms. formidable forms have a free WordPress plugin, but to get the most out of your polls you’ll need their basic paid plan.

They offer a 14-days risk-free plan. You can buy the plugin, then, if you don’t like the plugin, you can cancel the order within 14 days. They refunding your money without asking any questions.

Meanwhile, After the installation and activation of the plugin. Create a new form and name it as related to a survey or poll.

how to create polls in wordpress

In addition, now add a poll-related field, this will be by adding the radio button filed to the builder area.

how to create polls in wordpress
how to create polls in wordpress

So, add your question under “Field Label”. This will be depending on your web niche or any other you want. For the best result, if this will be related to your website topic is a good one.

Here now, for adding a question to your poll, click on “Radio Button” Now you will see options of “Radio Button” on the left side of the builder.

how to create polls in wordpress

Furthermore, add your question under “Field Lable”, and enter your answer by replacing it with “Option 1 and ” Option 2″. These options are the answer to the poll question.

And moreover, you can add more answers to your question by clicking on ” Add Option”. now there will be a new option is added with the name of “New Option”. Replace this “new option” with your answer.

But before make sure enable the “Required” and not enable the “Read Only” checkbox. This means that visitors will only be able to read your questions, but he can’t answer your poll.

Here, take a look on question and answer added poll below.

how to create polls in wordpress

Add image to WordPress poll

For great user experience, you can also add images to your poll. So, enable the “Use images for options” for inserting the images to your poll. which is under “Radio Buttons Options”.

So, After enable the “Use images for options”, you will see the file upload button under each poll answers.

how to create polls in wordpress

The WordPress poll results in real-time

Likewise, In this tutorial I add only one radio button, you can add more polls as you want.

Now your poll is created successfully. But, now do some settings on your poll. Consequently, those settings included mainly two things, those are

  1. Change the poll button text
  2. Display a graph of the poll results after voting
  1. Change the poll button text

Firstly, by default, the formidable forms form submit button labeled as “submit” text. But here you create a poll, so you can change submit button text into the vote. This change will be great to see.

2. Display a graph of the poll results after voting.

When a visitor participates on your poll, After they submit their vote, they redirected to results page. So, give attract to your result page. Yes, here you can add a shortcode to your poll form. Therefore, you can add this shortcode into the Messages section at the bottom of the General Settings.

For example, you could use a shortcode like this: This is the 3D pie chart shortcode

[frm-graph fields="87" type="pie" bg_color="#DFF0D8" width="600" title_size="20" is3d="true"]

Here make sure replace your field id in place of “87”

And also add the “radio button” field id with this short-code.

Not only this, give the personal touch to your poll result. So add first name id to the “On Submit” tab under the message. You can find this id on your poll forms name field.

Thus, if you add the name field id to your message tab, the visitor can see his name on the poll result page. Accordingly, here they can feel the personalized experience

Launch your WordPresspoll

Now add your poll to a page or post to grab the visitors. So, create a page or post, and click on the add block plus (+) button. Then search the formidable forms on the search box. And select the poll from you created forms from the drop-down, and now it placed on your post. Then hit publish, now your poll is going live.

Click on the Poll to see live

Conclusion about create polls in wordpress

Finally, Creating a create polls in WordPress, the survey, Quiz in WordPress is a great way to collect emails and generating Leeds to your website. This will helps you to grow your online business.

In addition, you can utilize this poll as a landing page or use also in a pop window as well.

If you are a regular user of the internet you have noticed that some websites use the poll on their landing page. So, take advantage of this useful WordPress plugin, create your own poll on your WordPress website.

Not only, if you want to add a poll to your website. The team of is also ready to help you.

Thanks for reading this article, if you fell this article helpful to you, then please share it with those who need it.


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