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How To make Zapier integrations in MemberPress

Do you have ever heard about Zapier integration? The automation should be easy because everyone deserves to work smarter—not harder. In this article, we explain to you how to create Zapier integrations in MemberPress.

How Zapier helps you automate?

Zaps connect your apps to automate repetitive tasks, so you can focus on other work.

More than 2000 apps are is in Zapier. Here you can integrate with any apps. In this article, we briefly explain with the screenshot you to how to integrate both Zapier & Memberpress together and what is the usage of this integrations.

By the way, MemberPress is an “all-in-one” membership plugin for WordPress that will help you build WordPress membership sites, accept credit cards securely, sell digital downloads, and more.

Step 1: Install MemberPress pro and MemberPress-developer-tools

First, you need to install the MemberPress pro plugin to implementing this integration to your WordPress website.

Go here to know how to install a plugin in WordPress. Upon install the MemberPress pro plugin then activate it.

Next, install the memberpress-developer-tools add on.

Login to your WordPress website’s dashboard and click on the MemberPress -> Add-ons page. Scroll down to the MemberPress Developer Tools add-on and install and activate it.

Now you’ll have a new “Developer” option under the MemberPress Menu.

Create Zapier integrations in MemberPress

Step 2: Connect Zapier to MemberPress for Create Zapier integrations in MemberPress

Now login to your Zapier account. If have not create one here.

After logging into zapier search the “Memberpress” on the search box, or go straight to the integration. Now click on “Start using MemberPress now!”

Now it will take you to the new page. At the bottom of the new page, you will see the “Accept Invite and Build the Zap” button click on it.

Create Zapier integrations in MemberPress

Later clicking the button your new zap stored on “My Apps” which is on the sidebar.

Create Zapier integrations in MemberPress

Here in “My Apps”, you can see all your created apps. If not search the MemberPress on search box then click on it, Now a new window will then pop up asking for your API Key and Site URL.

Create Zapier integrations in MemberPress

The Rest API Key is located on Developer > Rest API > API Key

Create Zapier integrations in MemberPress

Copy the API Key and past it into the appropriate field and add the Membership website URL (Your web URL. If it is in a directory add it with the directory. (i.e:

Create Zapier integrations in MemberPress

Then click on “Yes Continue” button.

Now one more step to spare to complete this create Zapier integrations in the MemberPress process.

Step 3: Create a Zap for Create Zapier integrations in MemberPress

Next on “Zaps” click on “Create Zap”. or goes to this LINK

Give a name to your zap (i.e.: MemberPress to google sheets) and search the MemberPress, then click on it.

Then you see a list of action to take, here you select “Member Signup Completed”, then clicking on continue.

Now it will be asking information about your membership website in detail.

After entering the MemberPress account, you can see all details of a particular account. now click on continue.

Next, Choose your App & Event. In this example, we are going with google sheets. Search the google sheets and click on it.

Connect Zapier and MemberPress

After the selection of Google Sheets, It will ask you to select on from dropdown. In this example, I will choose “Create Worksheet” then click continue.

Now it is requesting to login to your “Google Sheets” take proper step to complete.

Then select your “Google Sheets account” click continue. Chose “Drive”, “Spreadsheet”, Give a “Title”, insert “Headers”. after giving all values click on continue.

Now time testing your settings. Click on “TEST & CONTINUE” If your settings are correctly configured you see the “Zap is ready – now turn it on” button at the bottom of the window.

Connect Zapier and MemberPress

After turning on, come back to your website. And go to Developers > Webhooks. If you already there, refresh that page now you will see the “Webhook URL” there.

Connect Zapier and MemberPress

Now you have created the Zapier integrations in MemberPress.


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