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OptinMonster vs Sumo which on good Optin WordPress Plugin For any Bloggers

Sumo vs OptinMonster: Which is the Better Email Optin Form Plugin for Bloggers?

Are you searching for the best email Optin tools to develop your email list and turn website visitors into subscribers and clients? 

Email marketing is one of most effective marketing method in digital marketing, but how to collect email list this is a million dollar question, but its really not a million dollar question at all. Because many email tools are available out there on the internet, but how to choose the right one. This is really a million dollar question 

In this post, we describe you two leading email optin tools and which email optin forms better for a blogger, Which is the better option for your site?

To help you decide, let’s compare the two. 

SumoMe will get the job done for you and for free, but OptinMonster can do a whole lot more…at a price.

Sumo vs OptinMonster

Email Optin Form Types

The most vital highlights of an email optin module are the frame types on offer. Both Sumo and OptinMonster go a long ways past being simply popup/optin frame modules, and both incorporate valuable shape composes that will enable you to develop your email list.

Sumo Mainly providing many free features, but Optinmonster not, Sumo is an extremely good tool, and particularly on the off chance that you would prefer not to contribute any cash they providing many free services.

It gives you access to free to many tools, not just for email. Every one of them is pleasantly adjustable, in addition to simple to utilize.

In the email optin tool, you get great pop-up forms, scroll boxes, floating bars, and something called a welcome mat – an optin form that takes up the entire screen.

But their paid services are really expensive, but Optinmonster all tools are paid only and its all of your budget its really not expensive

OptinMonster Vs SumoMe Comparison Chart

OptinMonster Vs SumoMe Comparison Chart

Easy Integration
Light Box Popup
Exit Intent
Smart Bar
Slide Box
End of Post Optin
Sidebar Optin
Popup Links
Multiple Templates
A/B Testing
Conversion Analytics
Custom HTML Coding
No Branding Required
Price for Above FeaturesFree$29 per month
 Check It OutCheck It Out

Now to see Features in detail on by one both Sumo and Optinmonster

Sumo records seven form types:

  • Cart Casino
  • Popup
  • Scroll Box
  • Inline Form
  • Click Trigger Popup
  • Welcome Mat
  • Smart Bar

First of all, you should choose a Goal


The objective you pick will confine the choices for your email campaigns. For instance, the Welcome Mat choice is just accessible on the off chance that you select Collect Emails goal. it will be restricted you to 5 options only, They give you to selecting the campaign

  • Collect Emails (Free 200 only) 
  • Collect Push Notification Subscribers (Paid)
  • Add a Call to Action (Free) 
  • Get Social Shares (Free)
  • Collect Info With Custom Code (Free)

But in OptinMonster give you full freedom to select any types of campaign you want. This is giving you the big result 


In the OptinMonster app, you choose from 7 different campaign types:

  • Lightbox Popup
  • Fullscreen
  • Slide-in
  • Floating Bar
  • Mobile Popup
  • Inline / After Post
  • Sidebar

There’s likewise a clear canvas popup alternative that can be utilized to show any custom substance of your decision. Notwithstanding, in the same way as other different parts of this module, the correct shape and popup write you gain admittance to will rely upon which pricing plan you pick

If you have multiple websites, it’s easy to manage them all together here in your OptinMonster dashboard and sumo also giving you the same facility.

Turn your email optin forms to any other form type later any time you want both in Sumo and Optimonster.

Two-Step Yes/No Optin Forms

you’ll see when assembling a Collect Emails list in the Sumo List Builder, there are two tabs at the top that enable you to see your Subscribe form and your Success view


OptinMonster really gives you the alternative to include a third view: a Yes/No form, likewise called two-advance or multi-step optin.


increased conversions rate just by adding a yes/no step to their optin form.

By just clicking the switch to enable Yes/No, you can see the difference in your conversions.

This is a crucial feature you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

Another important feature in both sumo and optinmonster is the “Evergreen” countdown timer. 

Sumo has one more important features Count Down Timer which allows you to add countdown timer layer of your existing newsletter pop up form for something offer to your clients.

Optinmonster has the same feature but its powerfull than Sumo, instead of selecting an end date, you choose the length of the timer in days, hours, minutes, and seconds.


The dynamic timer is tweaked for every guest. The commencement starts when the guest hits the page. That implies that every guest will see an alternate commencement.

You may wonder what’s the purpose of having a timer that is distinctive for each client? The appropriate response is criticalness.

Mobile Lead Generation Comparison both sumo and Optinmonster

On the off chance that you don’t have a viable methodology for catching leads on mobile devices, you could lose the clients of your potential purchasers.

Both OptinMonster and Sumo enable you to make marketing that is focused on mobile device clients. OptinMonster is extraordinary in that it likewise has a few layouts composed particularly for cell phones.

Campaign Targeting and Triggers Comparison 

The more customized and focused on your campaign are for every guest, the more successful they’ll be.

With Sumo, you can add rules for your campaigns to show or stow away in view of URLs, pages, gadgets, referrer, and that’s just the beginning.

OptinMonster has every one of these choices, and that’s just the beginning.

OptinMonster’s Display Rules are what makes it such a capable change advancement and lead generation. Here are the focusing on alternatives you can browse:


Also, you can use some advanced set up in optinmonster 

  • AdBlock Detection 
  • OnSite Follow Up Campaigns 
  • WordPress Category and Tag Targeting 

You can show following various seconds, or when the guest begins to leave your site.


Now take a look at optinmonster pop-ups Here are OptinMonster’s Display Rules, its hade a lot of options to take.

take a look image below


Success Message Comparison 

Any email optin form hade a Success Message now time to see about this feature in both Sumo and Optinmonster
When you are in Sumo campaign design, u can also do designing Success page view well sumo offering much inbuilt success templets, Click Action option redirected
to any other page like you offering visitors any download


Optinmonster offering you some more options over this success page customizing customize font, colors and many more with the text editor, or you can customize our dedicate success themes also. Optinmonster give you lots more success page options

  • add a facebook and twitter button
  • Offering digital downloads
  • Playing video and many more than Sumo

OptinMonster also offers a few more advanced options see image below 

  • Smart Success 
  • Success Tracking and Retargeting Scripts

Pros and Cons both Sumo & Optinmonster 

Sumo Pros: 

  • Some free features you can test it out, Continue with sumo or Drop it out 
  • Hade many other services Like social sharing, Contact form creation, Image sharing in under one platform 

Sumo Cons 

  • Very expensive going to upgrade the service 
  • Least customizing options comparing to Optinmonster 
  • Not a great supporting and Documentations 

Optinmonster Pros 

  • Beautifull designs, powerful drag & drop builder
  • Hade a great Support and documentation  
  • Mobile friendly pop-ups
  • Many Campaign Types you can create 
  • Seamless Integrations 

Optinmonster Cons 

  • You can not use it for the testing purpose like sumo 
  • They offering only Optin form creation 

Take a look at pricing chart both Sumo and Optinmonster 


Sumo pricing chart 


Optinmonster pricing Chart 


Finally, Optinmonster is the winner, Because of its wide range of Designing or Customizing options, Supporting and Documentation is well 


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