How to Preview Before Submit in Multi-Paged WordPress Form

Do you ever think about preview before submitting WordPress form want to take a look over your online form before submitting it?

If yes, we explain in this article, How to set up a Preview Before Submit a WordPress form.

First, you need to install and activate Formidable forms pro. Which is a famous WordPress plugin for creating any kind of online form. You can create a Contact form, Subscriber forms, User Registration form, etc. Read our article about how to install and activate a WordPress plugin. And read create a form with Formidable Forms.

Formidable forms offering a new feature which is Summary field type. After creating your form you can add this field at the end of your form. This gives you the preview before submitting the WordPress form

A form confirmation page allows users to see what they have submitted in previous pages of a form. They can then go back and modify values on previous pages before the submission is final.

The summary fields allow users to see what data they have entered in the previous page.

The summary field is very useful for multipage forms. No need to going back to the previous page. There will be a chance to lose the data you have entered on the previous page when you click the back button to your browser.

So here we explain how to create a multipage form with examples and images.

Here we starts a multipage form, Click add new form in Formidable forms dashboard inside the WordPress dashboard.

Click blank form, Give a name to your new form. Add fields from left to right. such as Text, Paragraph, Email, Phone.etc

Add page break field after adding some fields. The page break field makes you form a multipage form. See the image below for example multipage form.

preview before submitting wordpress form

At the end of the form now you will add a Summary field from Add fields which are located under Advanced Fields. You can add summary fields only once

Now you customize summary fields for your wish. Exclude any fileds you want with form. Click three blue dote which is Exclude Fields from Summary now you see all fields names there. Now you can click any fields for exclude, ex: upload photo, signature.

If you add any fields to Exclude Fields from the Summary area that field did not show to users when they preview the form. Click any field you want its ID no add to exclude fields from the summary tab.

preview before submitting wordpress form

By default HTML, Hidden, User ID, Password, Fields hidden with Visibility fields are excluded, If you want to include into preview mode just enable checkbox.

See the image below for example

preview before submitting wordpress form

Click on any page edit button and it will take you to a specific page

Head over to my sample page here: Sample Preview Form

Finally, place form any page or post you want to make it live.

Thank you for reading, If you fell this post helpful, please share it to others.