Contact Forms Review 2019 WPForms vs Gravity Forms

Contact Forms Review 2019 WPForms vs Gravity Forms

Want to add a Contact Form to your WordPress Website. and how to Create Contact forms in WordPress, Which one to chose? this is not a really big problem, just continue to read this article to choose the best one. I Explain briefly in this article top two WordPress Contact Form builder. One is WPForm next Gravity Forms those really full loaded WordPress contact form builder.

Basic about WPForms vs Wufoo

Here going briefly, take a look of basics now

Basic about WPForm

WPForm is a user-friendly and beginner Contact form builder so It’s not just a contact form builder also its reach really more than you are thinking. Because it’s bundled with plenty of features for creating smart, beautiful and meaning full, also multi-purpose online form builder. it has a verity of fields to add you any type of online forms

Everything you makes with just Drag and Drop. also, customize their free made temples. You make this in just a few clicks. whether its simple contact form, Conversational form, inquiry forms, order forms, sign up news latter you just create those form in WordPress Dashboard

Basic about Gravity Forms

Thus Gravity Forms also a full-fledged and popular WordPress contact form builder. You can build simple or advanced forms in gravity from builder in the WordPress dashboard. Gravity form builder really tough competitor to WPForm to providing features, add ons and add fields.

You can create responsive forms with spam filters, add payment gateways, launch surveys, get online bookings, Ready to Use Form Fields and more. Gravity Forms has everything you need to create WordPress forms. It’s a premium plugin with many add-ons to add forms on your website.

Form Creation Process of WPForms

WPForms is a simple drag and drops Contact form or any other type of forms builder you are free to create WordPress forms easily in few clicks for beginners it showing excellent star challenge option with only 5 steps to take You don’t need to write any code to create your forms.

You can create simple contact forms or advanced forms in just a few clicks, see the preview at the same time add fields or remove it just drag and drop. WPForms offering you many inbuilt templates to create forms or customize it for your nature of the website

Create a Contact forms in wordpress
Create a Contact forms in wordpress

Add forms to any page, post with just past the code or adding a widget button which is showing on your WordPress post editor. Place the contact forms any place of your website like footer area, sidebars with their widgets

Create a Contact forms in wordpress
Create a Contact forms in wordpress

Form Creation Process of Gravity Forms

Gravity forms also drag and drop contact form builder toll which is allowed you to create forms add fields remove fields with just clicks. if it’s a simple contact form or advanced one you can create it in a few clicks

Contact form creating an area is not essayed as like as WPForm its bit of complicated, it’s not providing any built-in templets in their dashboard. you starting from zero. see image below

Create a Contact forms in wordpress
Create a Contact forms in wordpress

Price Comparison

WPForms Pricing

There are no free plans by both. some contact form service provider offering you free plan this helps you testing their service how it is. WPForms offering you four types of plans. starting from Basic $39 .50/ year which is suitable for most personal websites and blogs. and the advanced plan is Elite $299 .50/ year basic plan worth to buy because comparing to Gravity Forms is very much low of the coast,

Gravity form basic plane very expensive which is $59/ year, all plans including + Unlimited Forms + Unlimited Entries + Advanced Fields + Form Templates + Multi-page Forms + Constant Contact + Spam Protection + Conditional Logic + 1 Year of Support + 1 Year of Downloads + 1 Year of Updates. not to worry about your hard earned money because they offering you 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee! You are fully protected by our 100% No-Risk Double-Guarantee. If you don’t like WPForms over the next 14 days, then we will happily refund your money. No questions asked.

Contact Forms WPForms Price

Gravity Forms Pricing

Gravity Forms pricing plan included three plans, starting from the basic plan $59/year this very expensive comparing to WPForms basic plan I mentioned above. the plan including features also not rich as WPForms basic plan features, like spam protection. but including email service add ons. but remember you pay the extra for this, in their pricing Which is $59/year

Elite plane price is cheaper than WPForms Elite plane which is $259/year WPForms Elite plane is $299.50/ year but WPForms offering four types of plans, Gravity forms only three types of plans. Gravity Forms pro plan valued by $159/year this plan features you get by WPForms only $99.50/ year in this plane WPForms giving you email add ons

Contact Forms Gravity forms Price

Winner is Clearlly WPForms

Support Comparision

WPForm Support

WPForm providing two types of support system. If you are facing some basic issues then your going to “I have a basic question” tab or you are facing some major issues that better to go to “I have a technical question” tab this online ticket system this one really good one because someone following you issue when you raise the ticket and WPForm technical team resolve your issues.

WPForm hades a strong and friendly support team and also check their blog to learn tips and tricks for creating good looking WordPress forms. also, WPForm hade Blog & Resources that include documentation, reference materials, articles, and tutorials, with screenshots included. Now you decide which one is the best choice, My choice is WPForm. Remember WPForm provide Wide ranges in every field this is very important

WPForms Support

Gravity Forms Support

Gravity Forms also hade a great supporting system to solve your problems, they have two types of supporting systems, Open A Support Ticket and Support Resources this including (FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS, BROWSE DOCUMENTATION and others) when you are facing the problems with creating the forms, submitted from not arriving in the email account. The supporting team gratefully assist you. Gravity Forms support button is placed at their main menu, We think the supporting section is clearly tied one

Gravity Forms Support

Conclusion: WPForms vs Gravity Forms: Decide to Which forms builder better for you?

Gravity Forms is a user-friendly contact form builder, but in fact, it’s a bit of confusing to use when you comparing to WPForms. Both WordPress plugin is fully functioned, you can create forms in WPForm and Gravity Forms by WordPress Dashboard. In the pricing, section gravity forms a bit of expensive comparing to WPForm.

WPForm offering you four types of planning but Gravity form only three planing this is a big impact. gravity forms basic plan expensive than WPForms. also fewer features than WPForms. WPForms Plus plan ( $99.50/ year) equally valued to Gravity Forms pro license plan ($159)

WPForms vs Gravity Forms 2019


WPForm offering you four types of planning but Gravity form only three planing this is a big impact. gravity forms basic plan expensive than WPForms. also fewer features than WPForms. WPForms Plus plan ( $99.50/ year) equally valued to Gravity Forms pro license plan ($159)

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