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How to create an Awesome Membership Site in WordPress 2021

People who are considering starting a business online. Online businesses can be run in a number of ways. It is the best idea to create a membership site at this time of pandemic crisis.

There are many issues facing the world market. All of us are facing job losses and business losses. Building an online business is a great idea right now.

On the internet, there will be a trend towards membership websites. In the future, membership websites will become increasingly popular. So, you can be looking over to build a membership website.

By creating a membership website you can easily monetize your website. This is one of the best ways to monetize the website. Build a membership website you can easily earn a reliable, recurring revenue stream.

Create a membership site in 2021 with Memberpress WordPress Plugin

To build a membership website you will need the Membership WordPress plugin. On the internet, you will found plenty of WordPress plugins to do so.

Fortunately, we found the Memberpress WordPress plugin is the easiest plugin comparing to other membership WordPress plugins.

With Memberpress membership WordPress plugin you can get these benefits for new website or existing one.

  • Add unlimited members
  • Add Unlimited Memberships
  • Restricte your Content
  • Create Unlimited Courses
  • Offering coupons
  • Content dripping
  • Advanced Paywall Options

How to create a membership website on WordPress

Keep in mind you can build a membership site from scratch or turn your existing website into a membership site without changing anything.

From the scratch. buy a domain and hosting plan, Install the WordPress to your new hosting server, and install the Memberpress WordPress plugin inside the WordPress dashboard.

If you plan to build a membership site from scratch buy a domain and a hosting plan, To buy hosting we recommend the Bluehost. Bluehost is one of the best and reliable hosting providers. For more, read our article BlueHost Hosting Coupon code 2021: Save 66% + Free Domain Websmartz Deal. Bluehost offering a 66% save on hosting and free domain name and free SSL certificate.

Follow this article about how to install a WordPress plugin? to install a WordPress plugin. After installing the WordPress to your new server install the Memberpress WordPress plugin. Follow the below link to get the Memberpress plugin.

Step 1: Setup Payment Method to accept payments

The first step to create a membership site is to add a payment method to receive payment from subscribers. There are three main settings are required to complete the create a membership website.

  • Adding a Payment Method (For get payment from subscribers)
  • Adding a Membership (To chose a mambership plan for to whom to want to buy a subscription on your membership website)
  • Adding a Rule (Which types of contnet you want hide from public)

To accept payments, you need to add a payment method to your membership website if you plan to restrict your content, sell digital products, or any other type of business plan you have.

Memberpress payment method has the four types payment methods such as

  • Strip
  • Offline Payments
  • Paypal express checkout
  • Paypal Standard

To get the payment you need to add at least one payment method. To do add a payment method go to MemberPress > Settings and click on the payment tab. Enter the name on the name field and select the payment method from the drop-down. In this tutorial, we select the Paypal standard.

create a membership site

In addition, you can choose any payment method you want. After adding the payment method click on update options to save the payment method you have to add.

Step 2: Setup Membership Level (Types of Memberships)

To create a membership site requires creating a membership level. On most membership websites, you can see a variety of membership levels. It’s best to add names to your membership so visitors can quickly identify it. These are examples of membership levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

To create a membership, click the memberships on the WordPress sidebar menu. then add a description and set a price for the membership. You can choose basics, bronzes, free, or anything else you like. Click the add new button to start.

Hereunder billing type, you can also select whether you want a one-time payment or recurring payment. If you select recurring payments, you can specify whether the access level for this membership expires or is a lifetime.

create a membership site

On the other hand, if you select recurring payment under billing type. It’s better to give the option to subscribers to renew their subscription weekly, monthly, yearly, every 3 months, every 6 months after expire their membership period. These options are coming under under “Interval

Additionally, every online business offers a trial period to allow users to test the service. You can give your subscribers a trial period in the memberpress plugin, this will help you build trust with your subscribers.   

create a membership site

Make sure you send a customized welcome e-mail to new subscribers, too. It will help you build a positive relationship with your subscribers. It will also help you build a  profitable membership website. This option can be found on the “Membership Options” tab of the registration tab. By checking the “Send membership-specific emails to users” check box and clicking “edit”, you can see the default welcome message, and you can modify it as you see fit.

create a membership site

Publish your membership after everything has been set up. Memberpress will automatically create a subscription registration form for subscribers when the membership is published.

build a membership website

Furthermore, every membership website offers visitors multiple levels of membership, such as Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Follow the same steps we described earlier to create these types of memberships.

Step 3: Setup Membership Rules

Adding a membership rule is the final step in create a membership site. You can hide your content from the public by using membership rules. You can hide your entire website, posts only, the page only, or parts of it, as well as categories, tags, and more.

To attract visitors, it’s a good idea to display your content piece. Additionally, it helps you turn visitors into subscribers.   

To do this, go to MemberPress > Rules > Add New. Under protected content, you can select which type of content you want to hide. Upon selecting Access Conditions, choose Membership, then under the next tab, you can choose which level of membership you wish to access this content from.   

Furthermore, you can add multiple membership levels by clicking plus button. Once finish the add membership level to the rules, click the save rule.

build a membership website

You can also read these articles about how to create a membership site, it will help you learn more advanced topics  

Step 4: Create a Pricing table

The pricing table will help visitors compare your subscription plans and also help them decide which plan is right for them.  To create a membership site a pricing table is must be needed because it’s more professional.

You will also be able to help your subscribers upgrade their plans based on the price table Not only on the membership website, but every online business also has a pricing table so this is a good business idea.

To create a pricing table for your membership website go to Groups under Memberpress and click on add new button, then add a name to your group also add a description. Under the membership of group options tab add membership level by clicking plus button. You can rearrange these plans by drag and drop.

build membership site with elementor

Once everything is ready, click on the publish button. Adding this pricing to your site is now all you need to do. Simply copy the shortcode by clicking over “Group Price Boxes Shortcodes”,

build membership site with elementor

In addition, create a new page, paste the code, and publish.   And now the pricing page looks like on the image below.

build membership site with elementor

Now you are successfully building a membership website from scratch, It’s really easy to create a membership site from scratch or turn your existing website into a membership portal. You are now ready to start getting members to your membership site.

Final thoughts about create a membership site

There are a lot of membership websites on the internet these days. You can monetize any website in several ways, including through memberships. By creating a membership site, you will be able to generate recurring revenue.   

You can easily create a membership site from scratch or transform your existing website into a membership portal in just 3 steps.

  • Install and activate the membership plugin (We recomend Memberpress WordPress plugin for easy setup. We planty of articles and youtube video’s regarding this)
  • Adding a Payment Method (For get payment from subscribers)
  • Adding a Membership (To chose a mambership plan for to whom to want to buy a subscription on your membership website)
  • Adding a Rule (Which types of contnet you want hide from public)
  • Create a pricing table and show it on a page. (It is easy for visitors to understand what are you offering from your membership website, without having to click through to another page of your website, and they can choose what plan works best for them).

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