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Send WordPress contact email with WP Mail SMTP Pro

Really WP SMTP not working?

Do you have a WordPress blog? If so you must face a problem with sending an email by your contact form.

Yes, WordPress by default not sending you contact form email properly. If Although any type of contact forms. (Contact form 7, WPFomrs, Ninja Forms, etc.)

Also, if your wp mail SMTP not working. We will be explaining to you how to fix it properly.

What problems wp mail SMTP will be fixes

WP Mail SMTP is the best solution to fix WordPress email delivery and be sure 100% emails reach the inbox! Here are some features that show you WP Mail SMTP is the best solution most powerful and user-friendly SMTP plugins for beginners or experienced ones.

WP Mail SMTP PRO Features

Here are some features that show you WP Mail SMTP is the best solution most powerful and user-friendly SMTP plugins for beginners or experienced ones.

  • White-Glove Setup: They install and configure the plugin for you.
  • Email Log Automatically tracking of every email you receive from your website.
  • Manage Notifications Control over your email notifications. Which email your WordPress site sends.
  • Amazon SES Harness the power of AWS with their Amazon SES integration.
  • Gmail / G Suite Uses OAuth to authenticate your account, keeping your login info secure.
  • Mailgun Use your Mailgun account to reliably send all WordPress emails.
  • Office 365 Connect with your Office 365 account with their Microsoft mailer.
  • Their Microsoft mailer also supports other services, including as
  • SendGrid Use your SendGrid account to reliably send your WordPress emails.
  • Other SMTP Providers Leverage your web host or a third-party SMTP server to send your emails.

How to Configure WP mail SMTP

You don’t have to be a technical person to do these things. In this article, We are explaining two types of mail delivery systems by WP mail SMTP. SendGrid & Other SMTP.

1. SendGrid

First, you need to install WP Mail SMTP by WPForms free or pro. Install and activate the plugin.

Go on to settings under WP mail SMTP and move down to Mailer section.

Sendgrid is third party mass email sending company. You can integrate it to WP mail SMTP.

Click Sendgrid button and you will see the SendGrid API Key section down after

Click Create API Key button, It will be going to SendGrid API Key section.

WP Mail SMTP not working

If you did not have an account by them, Create one. If there is, It will directly be going to the API Key section. Simply click Create API Key button at the top right side of the window.

You will see the API Key generating pop up window. Enter the API Key name, Activate full access button, Then click create and view button in the bottom. It will be showing you API Key only one time so keep it safely.

Copy API Key and past it into the API Key section in your WordPress dashboard and Save the settings.

After saving the settings, Coming back to SendGrid click Done button

Now time to testing your configurations. There will be Email Test button at top of WP Mail SMTP dashboard inside WordPress. You can send mail in HTML or plain text format

After click Send Email button you can see a success message at the top of the window. Now check your inbox for confirmation.


2. Configure “Other SMTP” Settings

Configure wp mail SMTP with your hosting parameters. Which are in your hosting CPanel under email tab. Click Email Accounts page redirected to email accounts page.

WP Mail SMTP not working

Select one of your webmail and click the manage button.


After that click connect devices button under “CONFIGURE” see image below


Now the page rediretced to Set Up Mail Client page. Scroll dow to Mail Client Manual Settings area and use Secure SSL/TLS Settings (Recommended). Now you will be see all parameeters such as

Password: Use the email account’s password.
Incoming Server:

  • IMAP Port: **3
  • POP3 Port: **5
Outgoing Server:

  • SMTP Port: **5

Now the time for WP mail SMTP plugin settings.

Now select other SMTP, Enter hostname on SMTP Host. Enable SSL in Encryption. SMTP Port is 465, Then deactivate Auto TLS. Enter SMTP Username this is your webmail. Enter Password this is your email id password. Click save settings.

See image below for a clear picture


After configuration, perform the test as done in the SendGrid service. Check and confirm your inbox.

That’s all! You’ve now configured WP mail SMTP on your WordPress site, and your site’s emails should start delivering successfully.


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